Sage Mountain Farm, Grass Fed Organic Beef and Pork

I’ve known Phil from Sage Mountain Farm for over two years now. He has a vegetable farm with some delicious veggies like green garlic, shallots, beets, specialty greens like, rapini, vitamin green, tat soi, and more. He also has land where he cares for cows and pigs. Since I know Phil, his kindness, his care for the environment, his ethics for how he runs his farm and how his animals are treated, I can speak with certainty when I refer his grass fed meat. 

I’ve had many great conversations with Phil about farming. He truly cares for the animals, and works very hard to take care of them. This is a farm I’ve always been very proud to support. Here’s a little information about the beef from his website. To follow is a letter he sent me when one of our friends asked about how the cows are treated at the slaughter houses. As many people have seen the videos on the awful treatment that happens in the big factory slaughter houses. 

“Unlike most cattle, Sage Mountain Beef steers get to graze on an organic “salad-bar” of watermelon and butternut squash plants, alfalfa, wheat grasses and other forages. This is why we refer to our cows as beingGreen-Fed™, instead of grass-fed or grain-fed. The nutritional values of a variety of greens cannot be matched by a single grass or grain food source. The result is beef that is healthy and nutritious, with flavor that can’t be beat by most cattle growers.”

Phils letter to me. 

Thanks for the support, we use a very small owner operated USDA approved slaughter plant way up in the mountains. All of our animals are treated good, the USDA inspectors always make sure that the animals are healthy and move off the trailer on their own, last time I was there they wouldn’t even let us use a stick to move the Pigs out of our trailer. Our steers are all grass fed and grass finished out of Paso Robles and Woodlake.
We also have another herd on Grass, Certified Organic Alfalfa, Certified Organic Vegetable plant material (Certified Organic Vegetables) and Spent Barley from a Brewery (a wet feed that’s high in Protein). This special brand of Beef will not be available until May of this year. Yes, they graze every day, we have lot’s of grass now down here, they are very happy and come right up to us when we are near by.
We only have the all Grass Fed and Grass finished available now and will have both brands going forward.
If you’re in LA and interested in getting meat from Sage Mountain, you can contact me at If you’re in San Diego you can contact the farm,

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