Tat Soi Salad with Walnuts and Spirulina

The best way one of our farms described tat soi to me is, it’s like a mix between spinach and bok choy, and tastes even better then spinach. You can cook with it or eat it raw and it tastes great either way.

Something that’s happened due to the effects of the drought is that some small farmers are taking less risk as to what they’re growing. They want to be sure it will sell on the table. Tat soi is one of those vegetables that’s not easy to grow, and some farms have told me it doesn’t sell well enough because people don’t know what it is. For that reason, it’s been a while since it’s become available. So this week, I’m thrilled to have tat soi from JR Organics, and repost this very simple recipe of a time I first discovered this tasty green.

tat soi salad

Tat Soi


Fresh Lemon Juice

Organic Tamari, or Soy Sauce

a little cayenne pepper

Chopped Tomatoes


Olive oil

After the tat soi is washed and dry, drizzle a little excellent quality olive oil over it, squeeze lemon juice, and add all other ingredients, except the walnuts. Heat up the walnuts in a pan with a little oil, until they’re brown and hot, stirring them around. Be careful not to let them burn, you can turn around for a few seconds and suddenly they’re burnt! Spoon the hot oil and hot walnuts straight from the pan, onto the salad, and toss the salad.


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