Creamy Broccoli Squash Soup


1 bunch of small rainbow carrots
about 5 celery sticks, leaves on
red onion bunch (I just used about 3/4 of the bunch)
coconut oil
small head of broccoli
about 1 pound of summer squash
salt, pepper, and spices of choice
nutritional yeast
First I chopped the onions (bulbs and the green parts), crushed the garlic, and chopped the carrots and celery.
I put a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil into the pot and let it heat up. Then added the chopped ingredients into the pot. Immediately added the spices. I used himalayan salt, pepper, a good amount of chili powder, about a tablespoon of ginger lime salt I got from the farmers market, and would have added turmeric if I didn’t just run out. I also added savory, a very tasty herb. You can get it dried at Whole Foods, or fresh from Maggies Farm at the Farmers Market. The idea is cooking all these spices with the carrots, garlic, onion, and celery to create the flavor of the soup without needing store bought bouillon or soup stock.
Cook it until it’s a little soft.
Then add filtered water, enough to cover about a couple inches over the veggies.
Let that simmer and then add chopped broccoli.
Let that simmer a little and then add sliced summer squash.
After I stirred in the squash I added a little more water to the pot. Simmer the soup until the broccoli and squash are cooked through. I turned off the heat, added a couple tablespoons of nutritional yeast because I love the flavor, and then put it all into the vita mix and blended it well.
The result was a very tasty, flavorful, creamy, delicious veggie soup!

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