Japanese Eggplant “Hot Dog”



I know it doesn’t look pretty, but this was the perfect, very quick, and healthy lunch.

For years I haven’t liked eggplant. I love practically everything else, but it’s only now that I’ve figured out a few ways to enjoy it. Now, when eggplant comes in season, I know just what to do with it.

Japanese Eggplant Hot Dog

Japanese Eggplant

Coconut Oil

Some type of organic bread

All I did was set the oven to broil and put the eggplant in a baking dish. I cut the stems off, rubbed coconut oil around the eggplant (since coconut oil is good for high heat). Broiled it until it was crispy and brown on the skin and soft and cooked through the inside (by sticking a knife in inside to see if it was soft).

Warmed up the bread and put the japanese eggplant inside of it, and mustard on top. Use any sauce you like. 

Healthy, easy, filling, and so much better then a real hot dog. The eggplant tastes better cooked whole (rather then sliced) because it cooks in its own juices. 



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