Regrowing Vegetables

They are beginning to sprout in one day. I love doing this because I enjoy adding several different ingredients in small quantities to our food.

Inspired by the post,, on regrowing vegetables indoors.

I cut the bottoms off of celery, leeks, and bok choy and put them in water. I’ll post again as they grow!


Collard Greens Chips

These are the Collard Greens Chips I made this week. You can dehydrate them or bake them.

Wash and destem collards, pat dry with paper towel, put in a bowl and add olive oil, massage the greens with the oil, add organic soy sauce, nutritional yeast, and cumin, mix. Add any other flavors you wish. I keep them in an airtight jar after I dehydrate them to help them stay crisp and last longer, but we end up finishing these in a day or two.