Mixed Vegetable Tagine

Sometimes it takes me two days to finish our full size farm box, because I love working with several ingredients, and I can save the rest  for the next day. This is a good recipe for those of you who haven’t fallen in love with fennel yet, or need more ideas on what to do with baby beets. 


Zucchini, baby red beets, onion, fennel bulb with a little bit of fronds, parsley

spices: salt, sumac, turmeric, paprika, little bit of cayenne pepper

Cooked all ingredients with organic olive oil, slowly on low heat in a tagine for about an hour. When I set it up in the tagine, I put the beets to the side so that the veggies didn’t get drenched in beet color and flavor. I added a good amount of sumac and turmeric. The parsley (left on the stems) was placed on top. Once it was ready, then I lightly mixed it together, the flavors were so tasty and the little bit of red beets livened up the color so beautifully. I made some organic bamboo rice, with walnut oil and cilantro to go with it. Not the best picture, I was in a rush to feed the fam, and got in a quick shot!  


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