Large Box Creation, week of July 6th

Every week, when I bring home my large box, I’m inspired.

Here’s what I was up to this week.

I started with making some quick pickles. Here’s a simple recipe for quick pickles.

I love to do this, because it tastes good, the veggies will last for a few weeks, and I’m sure to use my whole box. I also need healthy snacks for when I’m really busy. I made a jar with green beans, and pickling cucumbers with purslane.

I also made a summer squash  bake with rice, onions and purslane. Everything was from the box, I just added organic rice and organic spices. I also made purple flowering kale chips. On the picture to the right, I made a mint orange salad dressing. I used organic olive oil, walnut oil, vinegar, salt, with mint and fresh orange juice from the box. Blended it, and used this salad dressing twice this week for salads, with the wonderful butter lettuce. I made spirulina raw chocolates with Max’s honey house, cinnamon whipped honey. It’s delicious!

photo (87)    photo (86)


I had a lot of squash in this box, and a good amount of onions, which I was happy with. Instead of making curry with canned coconut milk, I realized, I could cook and puree the rest of the squash, and make the a squash curry puree! I do my best to use as many real, fresh ingredients, from farms I know, so this was a great alternative to getting canned coconut milk. I stir fried the squash and spices with a little onion, then blended it with a little nut milk. I mixed it with chickpeas I already had ready. I cooked them the night before, soaked them the night before that, and had them ready in the fridge. Topped this off with cilantro from the box.

photo (96)

While eating this, it was really spicy, because I put a good amount of aji amarillo spice in it, so I realized that the pickles would be perfect to balance out the spice and add a little more flavor.

photo (97)


It was excellent!

Next I’ll use the wonderful peaches to make a peach cobbler, using oats and coconut oil. I’m almost ready for my next box on Sunday!