Yellow Pear Cherry Tomato and Reed Avocado Soup

You can use any tomatoes you have for this recipe. I had the yellow pear tomatoes from last weeks box.


Yellow Pear tomatoes
Reed Avocado (or haas)
himalayan truffle salt
cilantro or basil
olive oil
cayenne pepper
red wine vinegar

I don’t measure anything, but it’s an easy recipe to add your ingredients by taste.

You can either blend your tomatoes raw, or cook them first, and add them to the blender with raw avocado. If using a reed avocado, half the avocado should be enough, per 1 basket of tomatoes. Add all other ingredients to the blender, except the cilantro. Don’t add too much, it’s just a little bit of vinegar, honey, and cayenne pepper, to where you enjoy the balance of flavors.

The soup can be served heated or chilled.

Make a cilantro or basil oil by blending olive oil and a bunch of cilantro or basil, until smooth. Drizzle it on top of the soup.


Summer Squash Puree Curry

With the abundance of summer squash we receive this time of season, new ideas can help make it more fun. Instead of using coconut milk from an aluminum can, now I use fresh summer squash and make a puree.

I went to McGrath Family Farm and picked up some fresh beans. I took them out of the pods, they slip out pretty easily, and boiled the beans. I love getting beans fresh!


I sliced the summer squash, and stir fried them with onions, as if I was making a normal stir fry squash, cooked through.

Then I pureed the squash in a high speed blender and added curry spices, salt, and turmeric, to taste.

Poured the curry puree over rice and kale, topped with the beans and delicious stir fried mushrooms.

summer squash curry puree

Here’s another recipe I did using the squash puree curry. In this one I added some quick pickles I made. You can read more about that one in my post, Large Box Creation June 6th.

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