Healthy Pumpkin Pie

The aroma of baking fresh pumpkins and creating a delicious, healthy pumpkin pie with real, fresh, and organic ingredients, is on my mind today. The macadamia cream is even colored with fresh vegetables, no dyes, and look at those pretty colors.

This is one of those recipes I put together without writing it down, and I made it a few years ago, but you’ll get the idea from my description.

pumpkin pie

The crust
Dates and pecans mixed in a food processor until it formed a ball (I probably put a little coconut oil in the crust too). I spread coconut oil on the pie pan and spread the crust onto the pan, evenly. Also, this year I’m going to use dried figs instead of dates. I like the flavor of dried figs better for a pie because it’s not too sweet, especially if I use calimyrna figs.

Another crust that would work is the baked oat crust I used in this strawberry pie.

The Filling
Pumpkin Pie Spices
I baked an organic sweet baby pumpkin. Here’s directions for that from “Oh She Glows”. You might need a big one or a couple small ones. Blend the roasted pumpkin puree with some soaked cashews. Probably about 1 cup of cashews. Don’t use too many so that it loses the pumpkin flavor, but use enough so the texture is creamy and wonderful. Make sure to soak the cashews for 4-8 hours and then drain the water. You’ll want to do that before you start making the pie. Add pumpkin pie spices, cinnamon, ginger, allspice, and nutmeg. Use a high speed blender like a vita mix so it will be extra smooth. Add enough honey or maple syrup to the sweetness you like.

For the macadamia cream
If you want to spend a long time on this pie like I did that day, you can also use the natural food colors I explain below. Or you could just skip the macadamia cream all together and add something else on top, like flame raisins or slices of dried figs. Here’s a blog that has an excellent macadamia cream recipe.

Coloring the frosting
I blended each of these in the vita mix separately with macadamia cream.
I used a little beet water from boiled red beets we made that day, to get the bright pink color.
Carrot juice from freshly juiced carrots for the yellow color.
The green coloring was the most simple, I just added mint.
The flavors of the creams were really tasty. Another option is to add cacao and make it a chocolate macadamia cream.

Enjoy your pumpkin creations this Fall!