As Rare as Finding a Piano on Top of a Hill in Topanga

If you didn’t hear the story about a random piano abandoned on the top of the hill in Topanga, the mystery was quickly solved, that it was put up there for a music video shoot. Some locals had mixed feelings, some wanted to rally together and make some music, some felt that leaving an out of tune piano on the top of the hill was irresponsible and the crew should be fined for littering. Nonetheless, I’m always up for a hike, and we took a little family adventure with our rare sub-tropical fruits, out to see a rare siting of a piano atop the hill. FullSizeRender (32)                           FullSizeRender (40) FullSizeRender (31)                           FullSizeRender (35) Yes, it was out of tune, and 6 keys were broken, it’s possible some day it’s destined to fall down the hill and create a big mess, which sounds pretty awful, but a piano on a hill is beautiful. I had never seen so much graffiti in Topanga. This is an area I haven’t explored in the 6 years of living in the canyon. The hike going up there had graffiti on the rocks leading up to the watch tower. FullSizeRender (39)                 IMG_1769 Topanga Graffiti, “Love Yourself!” At least, there were some good messages. People were already carving initials and messages, and putting their stickers on the piano. It was a very touristy type of scene. Somehow I imagined, we would just encounter a few locals, playing music together, the way we like to gather in Topanga. FullSizeRender (29) Someone referenced me once as the connoisseur of fruits and veggies, when I said I must come off as a food snob. I just really love knowing the people who are so passionate about the food they grow and share with us. It moves me. I’ve come upon the very best fruits I didn’t know existed, like babaco papaya, surinam cherries, jaboticaba berries, pink guavas, and ice cream beans. I light up and experience foodie bliss! When I take a bite, I think about all the people who would fall in love with it too. I feel lucky to know a few exceptional farmers, growing rare sub-tropicals with so much love and passion.  I’ve listened to their struggles with all types of issues from the drought, to the weather, to paper work. They keep going, in spite of the struggles, and it warms their heart to be appreciated. FullSizeRender (36)  photo (83) IMG_3769 If you order a paradise box, just know that the fruit has a mind of it’s own, the weather will decide if we have passion fruit one week, and none the next, but through the year we’ve been providing sub-tropical fruits, there were only a few weeks in the winter that we had to hold the paradise orders, due to to low volume of fruit. To order a paradise box with seasonal, local, sub-tropical fruits go to our website.


2 thoughts on “As Rare as Finding a Piano on Top of a Hill in Topanga

  1. Hey guys, I love the photo’s and the story!! I’m actually publishing a review on a short fiction story called “Out of Tune Piano” I was wondering if I could use your photo? It’s very cool (:


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