Salmon with Fresh Curry Leaf, Kombu Broth


When working with another family to bring locally, sourced foods and preparing it for them, I consider that all four of them have different needs and taste buds. It’s a balancing act to keep everyone happy.

I wrote several paragraphs about the challenges I’m facing with that, and how I’ve found new appreciation for things I used to dislike (like spaghetti squash). I think I’ll just keep it simple and bring up the spaghetti squash recipe another day.

To my surprise, I found fresh CURRY LEAVES and key limes leaves from Coleman Farms! A broth came to mind.


1 kombu sheet

branch of fresh curry leaves (around 8 leaves)

2 key lime leaves

1 padron pepper

real salt

Soak the kombu in water for 15 minutes. Turn on the heat til it boils and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove the kombu. Add salt, curry leaves, pepper, and key lime leaves, and simmer for 20 minutes.


Sear the salmon on both sides in coconut oil and ghee, some salt and pepper on top. Keep salmon raw in the middle. Remove the skin and set it aside.

Sort of a relish?

I have pickled onions I made a week ago. Diced garlic, and browned them in the pan after the salmon was removed. Chopped up pickled onions, the browned garlic, and key lime rind with a little squeeze of the citrus.


I took some fresh frisee from Maggies Greens, and put it in the bowl.

Warmed the broth up in the pan the salmon was seared in. Then put the salmon back in it for a minute to cook, but not over cook.

Put a piece of salmon on top of the frisee, spooned the broth over it, and added the pickled onion relish on top. Squeezed a little more key lime on top the salmon.

If you ever come across fresh curry leaves, get some! They’re crazy tasty!