Spring Time Recipes

These are some of the recipes posted often in our newsletter, that are great this time of season.

Zucchini and Summer Squash

From stir fries to chocolate zucchini bread, I’ve never been sick of zucchini, with the variety of ways to use it. It’s also perfect when I need something quick and easy, I just season it, throw it on the grill, and make a tasty sauce.


Summer Squash with Egg

summer squash with egg

Creamy Zucchini Noodles


Summer Squash Puree Curry

summer squash curry puree

Zucchini Soup with Red Russian Kale

zucchini kale soup



My favorite vegetable in the world is an artichoke. I think they were in my Xmas stocking one year as a kid, along with pickles. I had only ever cooked them until my friend told me a couple years ago that he always ate them raw in France. So we sat down and tried it with him, with some sauce. It worked, but I prefer it cooked.

This is the way I was told to check if it’s ready, since I was young. While it’s boiling, pull a leaf out, and if it comes out nice and easy, it’s ready. If you don’t check soon enough, it might be too cooked, but it’ll still be fine. If it’s kinda tough to pull out, it’s not ready. That and not adding too much water in the pot, but not too little where it evaporates too soon and I start smelling burning artichoke. I usually have to add a little more water in before it’s done cooking. I start with a few inches.

How To Cook Artichokes 

Fried Artichokes, makes me miss Castroville.

Grilled Baby Artichokes with Aleppo Pepper and Parmesan

One of these days I’ll make a list of awesome artichoke dip recipes.

Fava Beans

Fresh beans are so much better then dry beans, and they take just a few minutes to cook.

Here’s a link on how to peel and eat them.

Fava Beans and Peas with Burrata, thanks to one of our subscribers for sharing this one. 

favas and peas

I’ve used them to make hummus which I think is way better then garbanzo bean hummus, but it’s more work with all the peeling, 1 lb makes a mini batch.

Quick pickles

Instead of going through the whole process of pickling, quick pickling tastes great, and I finish it before it expires. It’s one of my favorite morning snacks.

Watch How to Quick Pickle

I love pickling onions and use them in various ways. Here’s a recipe where I chopped up the pickled onions and mixed it with crispy chopped garlic, rind of lime, and lime juice.



An easy way to make these, boil them whole and slip the skins off when they’re done. Dip with mayo or veganaise.

Borscht pickled eggs

FullSizeRender (24)

Borscht– Instead of finding a recipe for this, (I tried online), I asked my fellow Russian gardner friend/neighbor, (who actually grew up in Russia) how to make it. “You have to start with a broth of bone, marrow and beef. Then you add beets, onions, cabbage, carrots, potatoes. Let it cook, then finish it with a little bit of vinegar and fresh herbs.” That made more sense to me then the recipes I saw online.

Beet Chips~ Kids like these, they really do! Just slice them thin and bake them with oil and salt.

Roasted Beets, Cut them in little cubes, rub coconut oil around them, add salt, and fresh herbs like thyme, oregano and rosemary. Roast them in the oven.


Pickling Cucumbers are better as pickles, and quick pickles are easiest. You can certainly eat them as is, but the texture isn’t my favorite that way.

Japanese Cucumbers are super tasty, they drive me crazy. Really no need to take the skins off these ones, even in pureed soups. Dip them in different flavors of mayo or veganaise. Sometimes they seem a little flimsy and not as crisp as regular cukes, but bite into it, it’s crisp and flavorful.

Cucumber Soup

blackened salmon with sour cream cucumber sauce

Cucumber and Charred Onion Salad

Spring fruit, veggie salad~

Here’s a salad I made for Mothers Day a couple years ago. My brother and his girlfriend, are hooked on it. As a kid, my brother used to make himself a cucumber salad with tomatoes, lettuce, lemon juice, oil, salt and chili powder, all the time. The salad has, nectarines, apricots, cilantro, cucumbers, passion fruit, oranges, lemon juice and olive oil, sesame seeds, salt, chili powder, smoked paprika, some dates and dried citrus on the side, and some surinam cherries. It was crazy tasty, I’m serious.




When a trusted farmer I work with has Asparagus, OMG! Yes! It’s not easy to find it organic. I mean really organic, not big agriculture / super market standards. I’ve seen a few farmers with it. Hard to grow. I have some in my yard, and can’t get it to the kitchen before I chomp it up. The taste is real and sweet. This is the first year we’ve had them in the boxes. Thanks to Sage Mountain Farm!

It’s really tasty to roast it with coconut oil, salt and pepper.


I’ll add more to this list soon…..