Veggie Desserts

I was happy to see this review of Veggie Desserts & Cakes, from “Food To Glow“, sharing a variety of creative and tasty ways you can use vegetables in desserts.  How fun for us veggie lovers!

I’ve posted about butternut squash cake, and how we used half the sugar, and it reminded me of pound cake. My pumpkin pie recipe, has a few flavors of “frosting”, using mint, beets, and carrots. Although, I mainly choose no sugar or flour in my food, this book looks awesome, and I’m sure will inspire new ideas!

Celebrate Veggies!

A delicate apple-flavoured sponge, topped with a zesty apple icing and, although there is quite a bit of kale, the flavour doesn’t overpower the other ingredients. From the debut cookbook by Kate Hackworthy. Veggie Desserts Cakes, the debut baking cookbook by top UK food blogger, Kate Hackworthy, celebrates rather than hides vegetables. More than […]

via Kale and Apple Cake with Apple Icing from Veggie Desserts Cakes {review and recipe} — food to glow

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