Regrowing Vegetables

They are beginning to sprout in one day. I love doing this because I enjoy adding several different ingredients in small quantities to our food.

Inspired by the post,, on regrowing vegetables indoors.

I cut the bottoms off of celery, leeks, and bok choy and put them in water. I’ll post again as they grow!



May 14th Large Box Creation


My large box joyful challenge this week, cherry tomatoes, large daikon radish, mixed summer squash, roma tomatoes, mint, parsley, fava beans, nectarines, apricots, tangerines, oranges, chard, red leaf lettuce, loose baby black kale, green bell pepper, kumquats, broccoli greens, carrots, fennel.

When I bring my box home, I begin by preparing everything. I get better use out of everything when I wash and cut the vegetables, so they’re ready to be used throughout the week.

I have some ideas about what I’ll make, like fava bean hummus, and pickled daikon radish, but haven’t planned everything yet.

~ Washed and cut all the greens, dried them and put them in bags with a dry paper towel in the bag, it helps absorb the moisture and make the greens last longer.

~ Sliced the daikon radish and carrots into matchsticks.

~ Took the fava beans out of the pods.


~ Destemed and washed the mint and parsley. I had cilantro from last week and prepared that too.

~ I chopped the fennel fronds off the bulb and chopped them up and put them in a little glass container. I can use them like an herb in several dishes. Then I sliced the fennel bulb with a mandoline slicer and stored it in a glass jar, separately.


~I also had some garlic from the store. I smashed each clove to get the skin off easily and put all the garlic cloves into the vitamix to chop it up faster.

Once done, laid it all out, to begin preparing:

Daikon Radish Pickles (lasts about 3 weeks). The radish was so big I filled 3 glass containers! I’ll have plenty to share!


Mint Citrus Tea


Garlic Rosemary Oil, covered the pan in olive oil, let it heat and thew in 3 sprigs of rosemary from my garden, and all the chopped garlic, sautéed until the garlic was golden brown. This will also be stored in the fridge and used throughout the week.


And Fava Bean Hummus, I used some of the crispy garlic in a simple recipe for the hummus.

Everything Prepped


Snacked on fava bean hummus dipped with bell pepper and fennel while I prepared.

Everything was ready for the fridge. It was all easy to fit.

Day 1 Wednesday

The next morning, I cooked farm fresh eggs, with some of the fennel fronds and a little bit of the broccoli greens.


Toasted slices of organic levain bread we’ve recently added to our website from Chef Joseph in Silver Lake and added the garlic rosemary oil on top.


For Dinner I made a delicious curry with roasted potatoes.


While making the curry, I made myself a refreshing organic wine cocktail. I juiced some citrus, and blended it with frozen apricots I saved from last week, and organic red wine. To sip and enjoy while cooking.


Roasting Potatoes, with coconut oil and seasonings.


Making the curry


I started by stir frying a few things one at a time, adding them in the pot one after the other. Sliced onions, then sliced squash, cashews until golden, and chard. Then added the coconut milk, mint, raisins, curry powder, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, and the garlic I had prepared. Simmered just a little bit, since everything was cooked. Then took out the potatoes and put the curry on top.

Day 2 Thursday

Went To Buti Yoga class with Juju Namjai in Malibu. My favorite class! After class we stopped at PC Greens for tea. I thought about the mint and looked at the raw chocolate powder and went for it. Grabbed a cucumber, cheromoya, coconut cream, and raw chocolate powder.

At home, made my sweet Hubby and I a raw chocolate smoothie with the cheromoya and a new yummy type of milk called, Omega Milk, flax seed and rice milk (organic). I used our special raw honey from hemet, and spirulina powder, and a little bit of kale.


Then I began to prepare sauces!

I had a lot of tomatoes for tomato sauce and tomato salad dressing. I also made cashew nut cheez.

Image  Image

Tomato Salad Dressing                                  Cashew Nut Cheez

Image        Image

For dinner, broccoli greens chips, organic angel hair pasta with fresh tomato sauce, and summer squash with creamy nut cheez.

Image   Image

Stayed up late and made the mint raw chocolate brownies. It was exactly the recipe I wanted to find on google. I wish I could say I created this one. It was by this magical woman, The only thing I would’ve done differently if I had taken my time and tasted each layer, was the middle layer, I would’ve added more mint and more coconut cream to make it a creamier texture. It was more like a cookie crumble center.

I needed an avocado for the chocolate and my friend and neighbor saved the day. Of course I shared the chocolate with some of my Topanga peeps. Living in Topanga, if we don’t have one ingredient, (it’s the evening and the little natural food stores are closed) we’re not so interested in driving all the way down the hill to get it. Love our community.

Image  Image

Day 3 Friday

For lunch on the road, I put together a wrap with lettuce and cucumber, side of nut cheez left over from last night, and salad with the tomato dressing, and a boiled egg. It was easy to throw together quickly, on the go. I already had the lettuce prepared.


I felt so nourished!

Then for Dinner

Fridays dinner was much simpler. I made up a simple apricot sauce. I still had more chard even though I used it in the curry. I was surprised at how much I liked the fresh apricot sauce. Just onions, apricots, organic pear wine vinegar, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper, cooked and blended in the vitamix.


Organic Forbidden Rice with baked fennel and cashew nut cream, salad with tomato dressing, chard with apricot sauce.

Image                                                         Image

It’s amazing, the beautiful things we find in Topanga. If I had a great camera it still wouldn’t capture enough of this wonderful moment, seeing this large moth sitting in my friends yard.


And at night, had a little bit of mint chocolate to snack. It’s almost gone! I hope I can save a little for my friends who haven’t tried it yet.

The way I used the rest of the box and left over sauces was:

Bought potatoes and cut them into french fries and baked them with oil and garlic. We used the sauces with the fries.

Made Kale Chips with, oil, lemon juice, salt, and nutritional yeast.

Had left over rice and still had lettuce and dressing left for the next day.

I shared 2 of the bottles of daikon radish with neighbors, who were happy with them. I also went to Surfas in Culver City and bought some canning tools so that next time I can be prepared and can them so they’ll last.