Cooking Inspiration Sessions

Sometimes, people tell me they love their box but they don’t always know what to do with it. Or that they love farmers markets and have a hard time coming up with meals to prepare in their kitchen. They want to eat more vegetables and enjoy cooking more. I’m not a chef, I’ve had a lot of experience cooking healthy seasonal meals for my family and others, and I have fun helping people create in the kitchen!

Tamara and I met at the Farmers Market, and I helped her pick out some vegetables, fruit, and some dried persimmons, figs, and amazing raisins from our fruit farm Etheridge Farms.

We came back to her home and laid it all out.


We simply Roasted the asparagus, made a big kale salad, as well as a persian cucumber salad, and tasty kale chips. The salads were big enough so she could eat some that day and save the rest in the fridge for an already prepared, quick snack through the week.


Not pictured here is the fresh, healthy berry cobbler we made, because it was eaten and gone fast! We didn’t have coconut milk, but I also explained to her how she could make coconut whip cream.

What our kids loved the most? The roasted asparagus with coconut oil!


In the end, she had a great time, learned how to make a few healthy meals, got some pointers for future cooking, and released some of that kitchen drudgery she was feeling!

If you want to learn how to bring more veggies into you and your families diet, our members receive my service for $40 an hour. We’ll have fun and soon you’ll know what to do with your box! One hour minimum, email or call 310-948-0123.

“Kali met me at the local farmers market to help me choose some great fresh ingredients and then came to my house to teach me how to prepare a few new dishes in my own kitchen! We made salads with delicious dressings and I learned how to “massage” kale for better kale chips as well as bake an organic berry pie with an almond and dried fruit crust that was so delicious I ate it in two sittings. My boys loved her roasted asparagus too and that was certainly a first! It was a great cooking experience for someone like me who really does not enjoy the kitchen. Highly recommend it!”